GRICAS deeply involved at COSPAS-SARSAT JC-30, from 18th to 28th September 2016

Since the beginning of the project, GRICAS consortium developed contact on operational and technical aspects (from the definition of the operational concept to the design of the GRICAS ELT-DT) with COSPAS-SARSAT Secretary and members.

After the presentation of an information paper on GRICAS operational concept in April 2016 during COSPAS-SARSAT TG1 on ELT-DT operational and technical requirements, GRICAS came back last September with 2 working papers to debate during the PLENARY Session and the Operational and Technical Working Groups of COSPAS-SARSAT Joint Committee 30:

  • JC-30/6/5-Rev 1 Proposed Updates to Document C/S T.018 for ELT-DT

  • JC-30/7/9 Operational Concept for Management of ELT-DT

As part of a splinter of the OWP, GRICAS contributed to the redaction of the operational requirements for ELT-DT in C/S G.007 document.

During splinter sessions of the TWG, GRICAS partners had the opportunity to present and defend their proposition for the structure and content of the alert and cancellation message of ELT-DT based on SGB, which highly contributed to the current definition of the so-called messages.

Finally GRICAS consortium had a unique opportunity to exchange with operational and technical experts from all the organizations and countries member of C/S to enrich the operational concept and refine the technical design of the solution developed.