GRICAS in front page of Inside GNSS May-June 2017

Dear all,

We are very proud to announce you that GRICAS got the front page of Inside GNSS May-June 2018 issue.

You can read the article here!

Today, it appears that the Cospas-Sarsat MEOSAR system, relying on payloads deployed on GNSS constellations (Galileo, GPS, GLONASS), offers all the conditions to meet the new recommendation of ICAO for ADT-system for Commercial Aviation, with a new generation of in-flight triggered beacons, identical to the current ELT in terms of aircraft integration, but capable of receiving triggers and cancellation events from the avionics, from the crew or from internal sensors, and of detecting and managing their inhibitions to maintain the capability to raise alerts and be localized in any situation. In this article the authors address how the Cospas-Sarsat MEOSAR system offers a solution to support the ICAO GADSS Autonomous Distress Tracking Recommendation.