GRICAS pursue its involvement in COSPAS-SARSAT with participation to TG-1/2017

COSPAS-SARSAT Task Group 1 meeting on “Second generation beacon (SGB) and SGB/FGB ELT-DT development of technical documents” took place in Honolulu, Hawaii, from March 27th to April 3rd and GRICAS consortium participated to present the general progress of the project and contributing to the development of the technical and operational requirements for SGB and SGB/FGB ELT-DT.

After the presentation of an information paper on GRICAS operational concept in April 2016 during COSPAS-SARSAT TG1 on ELT-DT operational and technical requirements, and 2 working papers to debate during the COSPAS-SARSAT Joint Committee 30 last September on respectively proposed updates to C/S T.018 for ELT-DT and operational concept for management of ELT-DT, GRICAS came back this March with 1 working paper on proposed updates to structure and contents of ELT-DT messages and 2 information papers on preliminary homing tests results and project general progress:

  • 6/2 – Rev. 1 Proposed Updates for ELT(DT) Alert and Cancellation Messages
  • Inf. 3 General Progress of the Development of an End-to-End Demonstration and Evaluation of In-Flight Activation of SAR Beacon On-board Aircraft
  • Inf.4 Preliminary Homing Tests with an SGB Signal Generator

During plenary sessions of the TG, GRICAS technical manager had the opportunity to present and defend the proposition for the structure and content of the alert and cancellation message of ELT-DT based on SGB and FGB, which mainly consisted in a proposition of use for the unassigned bits after the approval of the current definition of the so-called messages in December 2016 (to which GRICAS highly contributed thank to the paper presented at the JC-30).

GRICAS work has been very much valued by participants to the meeting in general and the chairman Mr. Anthony Foster from NASA in particular. Mr. Edwin Thiedman, chairman of the Joint Working Group (IMO/ICAO) expressed his interest in having a presentation of GRICAS at the next JWG meeting in October 2017. A certain interest has been expressed by the secretary and the participants regarding the coming in-flight demonstrations results and Mrs. Lisa Mazzuca, head of SAR Office at NASA, requested the possibility for NASA to participate to GRICAS first in-flight demonstration by collecting data with the US MEOLUT, which GRICAS accepted. The participants acknowledged the maturity of the project.

GRICAS projects outcomes has a true impact on the evolution of the documents developed at COSPAS-SARSAT and GRICAS technical manager made sure that is was clear to COSPAS-SARSAT that the future major subjects to be discussed at COSPAS-SARSAT in the coming months (MCC ELT-DT, Homing of SGB, …) do concern the GRICAS consortium as well.