Operational Solution Workshop in CNES, 22nd of March 2016

A couple of days ago, GRICAS first workshop took place in Toulouse. It gathered all the members of the consortium and the partners of the projects. After a brief reminder of the GRICAS objectives, CNES has detailed the main milsteones of the MEOSAR service and of the Second Generation Beacons.

Then, all participants entered in the heart of the subject by reviewing and commenting a set of distress scenarios to be used to define the operational concept of GRICAS.

Thanks to participation of BEA, AIRBUS and COSPAS/SARSAT representatives, concept of operations has been strongly refined.

Then, all participants agreed to hold a last meeting to consolidate this concept of operation. PILDO proposed to host this 2 days meeting in Barcelona and to invite Airlines companies to take into account their point of view.

The meeting has ended by presentation of GRICAS elements guidelines in order to start early the design phase.




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